The purpose of this project is to offer an alternate way of generating some configuration files for iriver portable players.

The Itch

iriver makes pretty good portable players. Some of them have an FM tuner integrated. Most of them even support open standard formats - ogg and flac - next to the usual mp3 and wma. As usual in this days iriver also offers a (Windows only) software that interacts with your portable player.
The problem I have with my iriver players is that the playlist files and tuner configuration files (and maybe others but these 2 are features that I want to use) have a proprietary/binary format and can only be generated by using iriver's software.

The Scratch

Now, I may be old fashioned, but I would like to be able to use all the features on my player without having to depend on a bloated additional music player on my secondary operating system.
So I started writing this small program. It aims to be a simple CLI utility, written in java (so it can be run almost on anything) that will generate the files I need for my players. It's on SourceForge in case someone else finds it useful. If it will get wildly successful (yeah, right ...) you'll probably see an update to this page.