Table of Contents

1. Installation(top)

Just unpack the iriverFile-<version>.zip file in it's own directory. It should contain the following:
docdocumentation and license
libdependent java libraries
playerportable player information database
iriverFile-<version>.jarthe program ...
*.xmlvarious input example files

2. Use(top)

2.1 Supported players

This program was tested with T10 and E100 iriver players. More players should be fairly easy to add, just take a look at files in the player folder.
The players were used in UMS mode (USB Mass Storage). I don't know how files are transfered to the portable player in MTP mode.

2.2 Quick help

java -jar iriverFile-<version>.jar -h

2.3 Tuner configuration file

java -jar iriverFile-<version>.jar -a tuner -i <input_file.xml> [-o <output_file.dat>]
If <output_file.dat> is not specified the program will try to write the default file tuner.dat. After running the program rename the <output_file.dat> to tuner.dat and place it in the root of your portable player
The input xml file can be opened with a text editor and the format should be pretty self-explanatory. Just replace the type of the player in the line
<irivertuner type="E100">
with your own and write/modify lines like
<station freq="104.1">Energie</station>
for each FM station that you want to add. There are some limits I was able to figure out like 10 characters for the name of the station and 20 stations maximum in the file and the program should report anything that's not valid.

2.4 Playlist

java -jar iriverFile-<version>.jar -a playlist -i <input_file.m3u> [-dp <prefix>] [-o <output_file.pla>]
The input playlist has to be in the m3u format.
If the playlist has pathnames relative to the root of the portable player just run iriverFile with -i <input_file.m3u> option. If <output_file.pla> is not specified the program will try to write the default file PLAYLIST.PLA.
If the playlist has full pathnames (this is the case for the majority of m3u playlists) then you must also use -dp <prefix> option. This specifies the prefix to be eliminated from the path. This prefix is usually the mount point of the player (or the drive letter for Windows).

3. Bugs and Congratulations (top)

Just use the SourceForge project help page to report bugs. Please understand that I will try to respond within the constraints of my limited time. DO NOT expect quick replies.
If you use this program and find it (reasonably) useful I would appreciate a quick message.

4. Revision history (top)

VersionRelease dateDescription
  • iriver playlist generation use updates
  • iriver playlist file format updates
  • iriver playlist file format
  • added chapter numbers
  • playlist added (ch. 2.4)
  • small format changes
  • revision history added
  • tabel of contents added
  • iriver tuner configuration file format
  • initial version